Be Kind To Spiders Week

This is a poem written by Stephen Townshend, the father of our bass player Annette. He wrote it when she got him out of bed at night to take care of a spider in her room.



Ode to Brains

You Can Do It

Popular Tracks

Our Zombie love song!!

A track dedicated to your ex...

A track written by The Ghoul about the married women who wanted a one time encounter because it just "seemed right" to them..

Co written with a friend in Arizona!!

Based on the 1965 classic starring Terence Stamp

Our track disapproving of the tramp breeding sex tape culture that given celebrity to so many talentless people.

A heartbeat leads to a broken heart so I would rather love the dead!!

Inspired by The Ramones, Wednesday 13 and Alice Cooper..

A track about the demon drink!!

Track about the trouble with cops stopping our fun!!

A track about heartbreak and loneliness...

Classic Breakup song with a twist!!

Who Are We?

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BLACKNAIL is a band who's influences are mainly a mixture of metal/rock and gothic/alternate music. Visit us on YouTube... listen to our music, leave messages and comments and stay up to date with what we are doing next....