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My Eyes Can't Think Of Anything To Say

You Can Do it

Violent Night

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New for 2019!

A very personal track from The Ghoul, written about his controlling father when his father became ill with cancer.

Something you would never expect from the mind of The Ghoul ...

A love song? Yeppers! A love song!

Something different..!!

This track is fully ELECTRONIC.

With Chaos Fyre leading the way, The Ghoul and VelveT GlooM played their parts on a keytar and keyboard bass respectively.

The moral of this track is to believe in yourself and not let others put you down…...
Death to Conformity..!!

Who Are We?

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BLACKNAIL is a band who's influences are mainly a mixture of metal/rock and gothic/alternate music. Visit us on YouTube... listen to our music, leave messages and comments and stay up to date with what we are doing next....